Welcome to our Holiday Lights Display

Holiday Christmas light displays attract many and fill and delight children with the tradition of Christmas.

As a kid, everyone remembers the one house that really went all out for Christmas. We are pleased to announce our home as one of those houses.

Each year we strive to add excitement to our home Christmas light display. Visitors from all over Henderson and Las Vegas come to visit our home during the Christmas season. Putting on a great show is the same as telling a great story. Instead of watching it unfold on the page in a book, we use lights, sound and special effects to capture that imagination.

To learn more about our animated lights display, please visit the FAQ section for additional information. We are not a business providing a service. We only provide imagination and happiness to families throughout Henderson and Las Vegas.

The 2016 Christmas Display

With the 2016 holiday light season quickly approaching, our elves are busy at work building our light display for the upcoming season.

This season, we will be utilizing many of the ideas used in the past years and implementing some new technologies and ideas into our 11th year of animated lights. We will be introducing 3 new songs in addition to 3 songs from last year and making some changes to the display.

If you didn't make it out to watch our Christmas 2015 display, you can watch the video here.

How Did You Do That?

Christmas lighting technology has made some considerable developments since the original use of candles, to electric lights, and then to LED.
Technology has greatly influenced the ability to animate Christmas. To learn how we use technology to animate and create our lighting magic, visit our FAQ section. Also check out some behind the scene pictures of the hardware that makes all this magic come together at our Pictures section.

What's New?

RGB lighting is a whole new technology, based upon a single light pixel which can produce an infinite number of colors. RGB pixels contain a very small computer controlled chip capable of producing thousands of effects in seconds.

Visit our light display this year to see how we utilize this amazing technology.